Welcome to MAPLE with Bacon!

The purpose of this is blog is to explore the amazing and far-reaching use of meat in our human existence. The subtitle of this blog defines “meat” as “animal protein” because I wanted to specify what I meant by the word. This is not to be ultra-exclusive, referring only to the edible portions of cattle, pigs, and sheep, nor ultra-inclusive, encompassing any food that contains amino acids. This blog will focus on a wide range of subjects (science, history, literature, etc.) related to food derived from mammals, birds, and fish (and possibly insects, if I want to stretch myself).

Also, I hope the “Bacon” portion of this blog’s title intrigued you. This word is used two-fold. First: my household is currently composed of my husband, myself, and our 11-month-old Corgi, that I’ll refer to in this blog as “Bacon” (hey: everyone appreciates a little privacy, even Corgis). Like real bacon, he brings us joy wherever we are; he brightens gloomy days and makes bright days even brighter. That leads to the second meaning of the word. Bacon is the sprinkles of the meat world; add it to anything for an extra element of yum. All my articles about the science, history, economics, etc. about meat will be fun and enlightening: essentially, wrapped in crispy, sizzling bacon and accompanied with a picture of the furry Bacon.


If you are looking for a blog filled with rants for or against the use of animals for human nourishment, you will need to look elsewhere. I’ll just be delivering interesting facts and figures with as little personal bias as possible. Full disclosure: I grew up in rural Iowa farmland, raised chickens, earned a M.S. in Meat Science from the University of Nebraska, and have utilized my degree for five years. However, I don’t want to disparage anyone’s choice to exclude animal-sourced foods to any degree from their diets. After all, variety is the spice of life, and I enjoy a vegetarian meal now and then. My goal with this blog is to let readers explore and learn about meat at a time when untruths about the subject are too often making headlines.

So, I hope you will read faithfully or just check in now and then for insight into meat: the ingredient used worldwide in meals that strengthen, comfort, and delight.

Published by Amy G.

I'm on a mission to educate readers about meat and its part in human existence: its science, the many ways it's enjoyed, and the people who prepare it for others' enjoyment and nourishment.

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